5 Trend Predictions for the Future of the Healthcare Industry

With the continuous reform of real estate and the gradual saturation of the market, many people began to look for new investment directions, such as the medical industry. In recent years, the gathering of established investment institutions and emerging investment institutions has brought about high valuations of projects in the medical and health field (especially medicine).

Professional investment companies in the industry have come up with 5 major predictions on how the healthcare industry will develop in the future, which has certain reference value for potential investors:

Rare disease drugs are hugely profitable.

Today, both chronic diseases and syndromes are becoming a new focus of attention. That's largely because the "money" for rare disease treatments is bright: there's less competition in the field, fewer existing treatments, and the need for ongoing treatment. In the roadshow session of the Hengqin Medical and Health Forum, a company focusing on the research and development of new peptide drugs will provide financing for a peptide raw material drug and preparation project + a new drug development and production project. If its polypeptide drug is successfully launched, it will become the first drug in my country for the treatment of drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. At present, the drug has achieved excellent results in preclinical experiments.

Pharmaceutical company mergers and acquisitions.

Patents for blockbuster drugs worth $17 billion will expire over the next decade. Because developing new drugs is expensive and time-consuming, and the results are uncertain, while drug development will not stand still, more and more pharmaceutical companies will be more likely to grow and expand through mergers and acquisitions. According to the person in charge of the Hengqin Medical and Health Forum, a biotech company in Zhuhai will conduct a financing demonstration on the roadshow to acquire 100% equity of a biopharmaceutical company. It is predicted that the output value of the target company will increase by 5.7 times in the next three years.

New technological breakthroughs have been achieved in several fields.

Of particular interest are CAR-T therapy and CPISPR-CAS9 gene editing. The application of blockchain technology in the field of healthcare is also worth looking forward to and observing, because it enables patients to control their personal medical data more autonomously. On the one hand, the commercialization of life science and technology services related to the genetic field has emerged, which has been applied to various fields such as precise cancer treatment; Create a new model of medical services in the Internet era in the great revolution, build a value-sharing platform for the large medical industry, and provide patients with personalized medical services. In this year's Hengqin Medical and Health Forum, the comprehensive project special session will also present the immune cell reinfusion and storage project and several smart medical and health service platform projects, featuring genetic testing and "Internet +" covering the entire medical process, creating a new The medical service model has achieved new breakthroughs in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer.

Generic drugs increase.

The US FDA is likely to introduce more preferential policies to encourage the listing of generic drugs. That means more generic drugs will be approved and prices will drop accordingly. This trend could force traditional drugmakers with branded over-the-counter drugs to innovate more or else their brand loyalty could be eroded. These include the leading domestic pharmaceutical companies dedicated to the research and development of imitation and innovative transdermal high-end preparations, focusing on sub-fields such as scalp patches and anticoagulant drugs, and their development prospects are worthy of attention.

Growth in Asian market demand.

Thessalus Capital specifically mentioned that China has now accounted for 1/4 of the global healthcare market, and this number will continue to rise. As a result, opportunities in the Chinese healthcare market are abundant. In order to implement the healthy China strategy, vigorously develop the healthy industry. In addition to the traditional medical care field, the pan-medical health segment markets such as maternal and child care, cell repair and medical beauty are still in their infancy. Considering the influence of various factors, the market potential is very considerable. A series of special items such as the combination of traditional Chinese medicine maintenance and modern biotechnology, supplemented by Guangdong and Hong Kong food therapy and health culture, the world's first ginsenoside nanomicelle cosmetics, and a series of natural health products from aerospace technology.

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