The one-step horizontal injection blow hollow forming technology system implemented on the ordinary injection molding machine is an advanced technology in the field of hollow products today. The system directly uses the injection molding machine as the carrier and cooperates with the injection blow mold to implement a fully automated mass production state. Its project equipment resources are less invested and its economic benefits are significant. It is the development trend of the mainstream technology in the industry in the future. The hollow products produced by this process system have made a qualitative leap in appearance and performance, production efficiency and quality, and are well received by our customers.
Junhua company independently developed the front mold casting control system of "direct temperature regulating forming technology", so that the temperature of the bottle embryo can be adjusted simultaneously during injection molding. Through this technology, the original injection molding machine equipment is used to match the corresponding injection and blow molds. From raw materials to finished products, only one-time injection molding is required. 


The residual temperature during bottle embryo forming is used to extend the blow molding, and the cumbersome process of additional heating control is not required. The mold is quickly opened for direct blow molding, which realizes efficient production. This technology can ensure the correct temperature control for the formation of high-precision, high-strength and uniform wall thickness preforms, and can be easily adjusted, so as to achieve a high-quality embodiment of container products.

One injection molding machine only needs to change different molds, which can not only meet the simple injection molding production, but also meet the production of hollow products with different specifications, shapes and materials. It has strong production adaptability, flexible equipment use and high utilization rate. Junhua company specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of one-step horizontal injection and blow molds, and can provide customized products and mold production solutions for our customers.