7 Trends in Healthcare Packaging

Among many traditional industries, the packaging industry is known as the "never-ending sunrise industry". In fact, this sentence is also very reasonable. Among them, the pharmaceutical packaging industry is the most important part of the packaging industry. Now the GDP of the pharmaceutical packaging industry has accounted for more than 10% of the national packaging industry, and the growth rate is Fast, but need to pay attention However, my country's pharmaceutical packaging industry started late, far behind the level of developed countries.

The pharmaceutical packaging industry refers to the packaging materials and containers that directly contact medicines. The pharmaceutical packaging industry is an inseparable part of the production, circulation and use of medicines. According to different materials, it can be subdivided into pharmaceutical glass, metal packaging materials, Medicinal gelatin products, rubber, plastics (containers, sheets, films) and their composite sheets are classified into five categories.

Let's take a look at the current development status of my country's pharmaceutical packaging industry:

At present, the products of my country's pharmaceutical packaging industry are not as good as the level of western developed countries in the 1980s, and the degree of backwardness is very high. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for about 30% of the total value of drugs, while in my country, the proportion is less than 10%.

However, my country's economy is developing rapidly. In the future, with the improvement of Chinese residents' living standards and the continuous awakening of health awareness, the state will continue to increase investment in medical and health services. In the future, my country's pharmaceutical packaging market will usher in a period of explosive growth.

In this regard, it is predicted that starting from 2017, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry will enter a critical period of rapid development, especially with the improvement of people's consumption levels and the introduction of new regulations and standards in related industries, the pharmaceutical product packaging industry will undergo fundamental changes.

According to the "Analysis Report on Market Prospects and Investment Strategic Planning of China's Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, as the top 100 global pharmaceutical companies have established joint ventures or wholly-owned pharmaceutical companies in China, the impact of this has brought advanced pharmaceutical packaging. Concepts and standards have driven my country's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to continuously update and introduce pharmaceutical packaging machinery, materials and technologies, and the entire industry will present a new situation.

In addition, according to the forward-looking forecast, my country's pharmaceutical packaging market will grow at an average growth rate of 10.6% from 2014 to 2022. It is estimated that by 2025 my country's pharmaceutical packaging market will reach 99.1 billion yuan.

In summary, although the pharmaceutical packaging industry has just started in my country and has not yet formed a climate, with the acceleration of the globalization process in the future, national policy support and technological innovation, I believe that the next few years will be the spring for the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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