"Allocate first and settle later" Municipal Finance Bureau allocated the first batch of central discount funds

Jiangmen Finance strengthened its responsibilities and acted quickly to implement various policies and measures in accordance with wartime standards and requirements. On March 17, the Municipal Finance Bureau pre-allocated the first batch of central discount funds of 450,000 yuan in the method of “disbursement first and settlement later” to ensure that the policy was implemented as soon as possible and effectively benefited the key enterprises for epidemic prevention and control.

"Dial first, then settle" is responsible

Adhere to special handling and urgent handling, simplify work processes, improve business efficiency, do a good job in the application and acceptance of loan interest discounts for key enterprises guaranteed for epidemic prevention and control, and go all out to support key enterprises in epidemic prevention and control to carry out production and operation, Expand production capacity. After grasping the progress of special re-loans issued by the People's Bank of China for Jiangmen Liuhe Feed Co., Ltd. and Taishan Xinhua Medicinal Packaging Co., Ltd., the Jiangmen Finance Bureau and Taishan Finance Bureau immediately organized the two enterprises to declare and carefully review the enterprises. For the application materials, the method of "payment first and settlement later" is adopted, and 450,000 yuan of central discount funds for loans to key enterprises guaranteed for epidemic prevention and control are allocated.

Door-to-door docking is active

The Municipal Finance Bureau set up a special class stationed in the enterprise, took the initiative to come to the door, grasp the production situation of the enterprise on the spot, and understand the difficulties existing in the production of the enterprise. Do a good job in publicizing and interpreting policies, and take the initiative to explain the central government’s subsidy policy for interest discounts and subsidies for “government bank insurance” projects in our city, subsidies for stabilizing jobs for enterprises, subsidies for job training, and other policies and measures to key enterprises in the city’s epidemic prevention and control. , to ensure that the enterprise understands the content and the process, and helps the enterprise make good use of the policy.

Source: Jiangmen Finance

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